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Tyson Fury’s dad headsbuts Oleksandr Usyk’s teammate, says “emotions were running high” and apologizes

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Just five days before the highly anticipated heavyweight title match, Tyson Fury’s father, John, had an argument with a member of Oleksandr Usyk’s camp on Monday. Fury has already apologized.

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Video footage of the altercation that left John with a bloodied forehead went viral when it happened in Saudi Arabia.

John headbutted Stanislav Stepchuk, who was a part of Usyk’s camp, as captured on film by iFL TV and Mykola Tkachenko, who is Usyk’s nutritionist.

Assuming the bout does not conclude in a draw, Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will fight in Riyadh on May 18 in an attempt to become the first unchallenged heavyweight champion in twenty-four years.

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Fury is the WBC champion and Usyk is the undisputed champion; both men have never lost a bout.

Tyson and his half-brother Tommy are both coached by John Fury, who is a former boxer and bare-knuckle fighter.

John has recently been in the spotlight due to his tendency to speak out during fight weeks.

To be completely honest with you, I really apologize to everyone involved,” John told Seconds Out in an interview he gave after the event. That’s simply who we are. There is a great deal of emotion and stress.

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“He was a really rude guy, wasn’t he?” he continued. Everyone knows that if you dare to step into a fighting man’s territory, you’re certain to face consequences, right?

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