Tinubu’s policies are driving people away from the APC, according to Lukman

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An ex-APC national vice chairman from the north-west, Dr. Salihu Lukman, has bemoaned the fact that President Bola Tinubu’s policies are making life worse for Nigerians and contributing to the ruling party’s declining popularity.

In a statement released on Friday, Lukman expressed concern that the ruling party would rebel if immediate action was not done to improve the situation.

To prevent this, the party chieftain said, the APC must revert to its original intent of being a progressive political party and its leaders must resume their role as visionary politicians by implementing far-reaching and significant political reforms across the nation.

It hurts to acknowledge this, but the truth is that President Asiwaju Tinubu’s administration and the APC as a whole are losing support among Nigerians.

Everyone should be aware that the risk of insurrection by average Nigerians is growing as a result of our steadily declining popularity.

The capacity to offer the necessary leadership to the opposition against APC and President Asiwaju Tinubu may be vague and desperate, which could pose a threat to democracy, considering the fact that both the political opposition and civil society organizations in the country are weak.

He warned that the country was in peril unless its leaders resumed their role as visionary politicians and ushered in more significant political reforms to restore the APC to its progressive roots and reposition it in the country.

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