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Three days after being swept away by a flood, a man is discovered alive in Bayelsa (Photos)

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Three days after he was purportedly carried away by flooding along the East-West Road in Bayelsa state, a Nigerian man has been found alive.

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According to community manager Akpos Malafakumo Best, who shared pictures of the man on social media, the man was found alive in the same place.

Before he was found, the man reportedly spent three days and three nights in the water while clinging to a stick.

The images Akpos uploaded showed rescuers using a canoe to transport the trapped guy to safety.

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“This young man was lost in the sea three days ago at this very location along East-West Road. He had been in the sea for three days and nights while clinging to a stick, and was just discovered today still alive. Please refrain from using the East-West and Ugheli-Bayelsa roads at this time. Akpos tweeted something.

See further images below:

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