Leaked documents from Tinubu: President demands removal of PDP operatives from public service

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A review of the civil service system is being requested by the presidency.

The Presidency claims it is doing this to root out “moles” who are still loyal to the PDP, the main opposition party.

Claims of the moles’ involvement in the leak of secret documents have been made.

You may remember that a recently leaked internal document claimed that President Tinubu authorized Senator George Akume, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, to receive N500 million out of a total of N1 billion.

An inauguration of a 37-member Tripartite Committee charged with studying the New National Minimum Wage was to be funded by the allotted monies.

According to Bayo Onanuga, the Special Adviser to the President on Information and Strategy, the federal government must act swiftly to identify and remove persons suspected of being loyal to the opposition and who are leaking confidential materials.

He emphasized the importance of this step in protecting sensitive information.

Concerning the disclosure of a communication from SGF to the President that bore the president’s signature, Onanuga asked, “What is worrisome?” That certain government officials are acting as fifth columnists is what this indicates.

The leak of a memo is nothing new. While the president was at the United Nations General Assembly, a note requesting funds to cover his hotel expenses leaked. You might be wondering where this information came from.

There are a lot of incompetent people who are likely working for the enemy. When it comes to managing confidential information, they disregard the civil service regulation. It also demonstrates that the government ought to examine its own practices to determine how official documents get up in the public domain. It is not appropriate for confidential memos to be circulated widely.

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