This relationship ended because I refused to have sex before getting married – BBNaija, Ifuennada!

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One of Big Brother Naija’s reality stars, Ifuennada (Iheme Faith Uloma), has spoken out about a romance that ended due to her beliefs about having sexual intercourse before marriage.

In a video she posted on Instagram, she said, “I don’t believe in sex before marriage.”

She said, “No to premarital s*x no matter the pain it causes me” in the video’s caption. Deity prevailing over humanity.

The reality actress went on to say that her boyfriend treated her with contempt, ridicule, and humiliation due to her stand against having sexual relations before marriage in another post.

“I sacrificed a relationship in which I had invested a great deal of myself due to the demands of my new life,” Ifuennada wrote. This guy actually made fun of me, embarrassed me, and treated me disrespectfully.

I would never put man before God, but I will admit that I was hurt badly.

No matter the cost or the people I must bid farewell to, my aim is to live a life pleasing to God.

Nothing that I or anybody else could ever hope to accomplish could compare to the plans that God has for my life.

29 Verse 11 of Jeremiah

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