I don’t know Burna Boy, but he crafted the Speed Darlington video to get my interest

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Controversial Rapper Speed Darlington, a.k.a. Darlington Okoye from Nigeria, has asserted that he is unfamiliar with Burna Boy, a recipient of a Grammy.

He claimed that the ‘Ye’ singer is an attention whore and revealed that he once recorded a video in the restroom trying to catch his eye.

The assertions were made by Speed Darlington in a recent Hip TV interview.

The singer of “Akpi” pledged never to work on a project with Burna Boy, Wizkid, or Davido.

I don’t want to record a song with Burna,” he stated. Boy, Wizkid, or Davido—neither of those names. I’m not interested because it will change to “We made you” tomorrow. I wasn’t made by you; I was popular even before you met me. I had no idea who you were. In order to grab my attention in a restroom, you prepared a film. Who knows who then? I’m referring to Burna. To obtain, you produced a video. Do you know who? Come to me, you. If not, let it fall apart. I have no interest.

“I recently heard the name Burna Boy. However, I’ve come to understand that has been working hard for years. Just that the business didn’t acknowledge him.

“I heard of Burna Boy, perhaps in 2017 or 2018. He basically gave me a hint in a video he created, saying, “Let’s do something.” How did the video find me? This occurred in 2017–18. I initially believed he was an American artist. I didn’t know who he was.

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