There are two kinds of touts that make Nigerian airports look bad: Keyamo

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Travelers may rest easy knowing that touts would be driven out of Nigeria’s international airports, according to Minister of Aviation Festus Keyamo.

The Minister mentioned that the presence of two groups of touts at international airports greatly embarrasses the nation in front of foreign tourists.

Noting that some touts are located outside airports and others inside, Keyamo explained that the latter are an embarrassment to the country since they have no regard for their uniforms, while the former are more hazardous and would need the assistance of armed security personnel to remove away.

There are two kinds of touts at airports, according to Keyamo, who was speaking at the Ministerial Sectoral Press Briefings. There are two types of touts: official and informal. It is the reality.

There are uniformed touts both inside and outside the airport who stick their hands deep inside luggage and beg for money.

On social media, we have frequently encountered deplorable films. Even if this is outside of our control and just affects our surroundings, we’ve discussed it with the national security adviser and the interior minister and are collaborating on it.

“To attempt and lessen the human interaction at the airports, we might need to produce a joint document very soon. Somewhere, behind glass doors, those agencies need to be.

“Not one of them is capable of degrading our nation.” We are tackling the issue, and we will provide a comprehensive solution very soon.

Since FAAN does not carry weapons, we are requesting backup for the outside touts. There are lads [touts outside] who are armed.

We are attempting to enlist the assistance of regular security services in order to see if they will work with us to remove them from the airports.

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