Kano’s anti-corruption office investigates the disappearance of about N4 billion in KASCO funds

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According to the Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission, an investigation into the disappearance of more over N4 billion in government monies from the Kano Agricultural Supply Company (KASCO) has been initiated.

When he conducted an investigation tour to the warehouses in the Kumbotso Local Government Area of the state, where automobiles and heavy-duty tractors were suspected to have been purchased with the diverted funds, the Chairman of the Commission, Mr. Muhyi Rimingado, confirmed this information to the investigators who accompanied him.

According to Rimingado, the monies were fraudulently moved from KASCO to the Association of Compassionate Friends, which is a nonprofit organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

“The Association was intended to promote and take care of the living standard of the children of the less privileged people in society, but unfortunately it has been turned into a machine stealing public funds,” he noted. “The Association was meant to promote and take care of the living standard of the children of the less privileged people in the society.”

The chairman of the board indicated that the monies were supposed to be a donation from the state government to KASCO, but instead they were diverted through the registered business organization.

“We have arrested eight suspects who are providing credible information to the commission,” the spokesperson for the investigation said.

“One of them stated that he was paid a particular amount of money to make false submission at KASCO, but that he held the money aside waiting for a moment like this, and that he has voluntarily returned the money.

According to the information that he shared, “so far, we’ve recovered the sum of N15 million and have succeeded in blocking about N8 million.”

Rimingado stated that the commission had concerns over the manner in which certain transactions were being carried out between the corporations and certain banks. He emphasized that certain bank managers may be invited to clear up some difficulties.

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