“The vast majority of Nigeria’s most popular songs are awful.” – Ric Hassani, the singer

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Singer Ric Hassani has spoken out about his thoughts on Afrobeats.

Afrobeats music, in his opinion, has deteriorated significantly over the years.

According to him, today’s popular tunes are “not very good music,” in contrast to the high-quality music of yesteryear.

Rubbin’ Minds with Ebuka, a Channels TV show, recently featured Hassani.

“Afrobeats is music from Nigeria,” he declared. I think the fact that our men are in the top ten means that the music quality will hopefully cease declining as a result of the increased demand for our services. To put it bluntly, quality is declining.

Popular songs used to be more serious forms of music, but these days, anyone can write a hit. These days, the majority of Nigeria’s popular songs aren’t really masterpieces. This was not the case in the past.

Now that we’ve been at the top for a while, it seems like everyone is simply throwing money at us and doing whatever they want.

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