MUSIC FANS!! Do you believe Burna Boy will receive his Illuminati initiation? Observe This

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Burna Boy, an African giant, visited DJ Khaled yesterday in his studio.

In addition to treating Odogwu like a king, Khaled prepared a special lobster dish. And based on how things appear, they are jointly working on something.

However, Twitter advisor Daniel Regha expresses sincere worries for Burna Boy as he worries that in his pursuit of global notoriety, Burna Boy might be inducted into the illuminati.

His remarks,

Burna is a fantastic artist, but he needs to slow down in his pursuit of recognition on a global scale. Not every collaboration is worthwhile. The Illuminati is extremely real, right in front of our eyes, and it only takes a small amount of time to become initiated, so I really hope he understands what he’s doing. I’m sorry.

Look below:

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