The reason I appointed Badaru’s former commissioners is as follows: Namadi, Governor of Jigawa

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The current governor of Jigawa State, Malam Umar Namadi, has stated that he reappointed several of the commissioners who served during the administration of the previous governor, Muhammad Badaru Abubakar, because of their expertise and devotion.

This comment was made by Namadi during an interview that took place on Friday with BBC HAUSA. He was responding to criticism on the re-appointment of the commissioners.

According to the 460play, the governor has swore in 16 new commissioners after the state House of Assembly has confirmed their positions. Eight of the newly appointed commissioners had previously served in the previous government.

“I know all of these commissioners who have been reappointed; we all worked together when I was a commissioner and deputy governor. I am aware of their capabilities as well as the limitations of their authority.

“I think there is nothing wrong with that, the only thing we need is who can keep trust, who can do what is right for the people of the state,” said Namadi. “I think there is nothing wrong with that.”

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