I make difficult judgments because I trust Nigerians. Mr. Tinubu

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President Bola Tinubu has stated that he was able to muster the strength to make difficult decisions on behalf of the Nigerian people because he had faith in them.

This was said by Tinubu while he was meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte at The Hague on Thursday.

460PLAY notes that after taking office in 2023, Tinubu’s administration has implemented new policies, including as raising energy tariffs, floating the currency, and removing the petrol subsidy.

Although he is “fully aware of the need to give them the long-term tools they need to succeed,” Tinubu stated that he will keep making tough decisions for the people of Nigeria.

President Trump has pledged to keep making tough decisions for the people’s good, even if they cause temporary pain, describing himself as a dedicated leader of the people.

We have weathered the most severe storms. When I behave in a way that would benefit all Nigerians in the long run, I am not scared of the repercussions.

Right now, the Nigerian naira is doing better than other currencies across the globe. Despite the inherent danger, we persisted, and the tenacious Nigerian people never lost trust in us.

They will receive recognition, and that recognition will grow as we work together with you to seize new development prospects.

He emphasized that leaders cannot avoid making decisions that benefit their nations.

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