The NUT has pleaded with Tinubu to declare a security emergency

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The National Union of Teachers (NUT) in Nigeria has demanded that President Bola Tinubu proclaim a security emergency.

The call was made by Comrade Audu Amba, the union’s national president, at Monday’s NUT 6th Annual Solemn Assembly in Abuja.

According to Amba, the government of Nigeria has to act decisively because the country has recently seen unprecedented security issues.

There has been no improvement in the security situation, and I respectfully request that the federal government declare an emergency.

Since security is a concern for all citizens, the government should take the necessary steps.

In a nation where people are afraid for their safety, progress is impossible. Therefore, it is critical to remove any obstacles that are causing the country’s security architecture to falter.

He pleaded for the Nigerian federal, state, and local governments, as well as all those involved in the education sector, to work together to save the country’s classrooms and teachers.

Concerning the well-being of educators, Amba proposed a constitutional change that would prioritize the provision of national funds to elementary and secondary schools.

We think this bill will help a lot with the problem of states not paying teachers their salaries on time when it becomes law.

He stated, “We will continue to push for the implementation of the teachers’ professional salary structure,” adding that it was meant to have been introduced in 2023 but was not included in the budget.

The head of the National organization of Teachers (NUT) stressed the importance of a standardized service plan for educators and promised that their organization will work to make it a reality.

He begged the government to set a minimum wage that workers and educators in Nigeria can live with.

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