The most dangerous people are usually the poor, according to Apostle Johnson Suleman

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According to the divisive clergyman Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministry, the world’s most dangerous people are the impoverished.

Suleman bemoaned the fact that most of the attackers who had come after him were primarily lower-class individuals.

The claim was made in a clip that the clergyman purportedly recorded while giving a sermon at one of his Sunday church services and then shared to his Facebook page.

Suleman claimed that he has the power to crush any poor person who gets in his way, but he wouldn’t because God also has the power to crush him (Suleman).

The destitute are the most dangerous people in the world, he declared. People in poverty pose a threat. Poor people are “a setup,” they say. I’m being sincere with you.

“When I was praying, one of the things God said was, ‘I’ll give you some covenant that will always provide wealth. ‘Be compassionate to the poor’ is one of them. That is what I have always done.

However, all of the individuals who have come after me in this life are underprivileged. And I’ve been trying to figure out what I did. Go check who is calling my name on social media; it’s the underprivileged. Why don’t the wealthy people accuse me, I wonder?

Why are all the people accusing me poor and insolvent? I’ve made a commitment not to pursue somebody who is impoverished, so why is that?

“If you see me pursuing somebody, know that they have overstepped their bounds. If it’s a wealthy man, know that I will pursue you right away because I am aware of your capability. However, a person with no capacity is aware that they are putting you in danger.

“If you follow them, God will follow you. Now you see why the poor are victimized. If you pursue them, someone else will pursue you. Although you have the power to reduce someone to dust, God also has the power to reduce you to dust.

“I have no free hand. The poor, on the other hand, are helpless to stop. The majority of poor people are ungrateful, including the poor.

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