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Rivers University cautions students about drug use and excommunicates two

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Two students were expelled from the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education in Rivers State a few years ago for engaging in illegal drug trafficking.

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Martins Adekanmbi, the chairman of the students’ ethics and disciplinary committee, made this information public.

He claimed that the institution’s management is persistent in trying to deter pupils from using heavy drugs.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of a university-wide sensitization on the fight against drug use, he expressed confidence that the menace will be reduced as a result of the sensitization being coordinated by the Police Community Relations Committee and National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

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He disclosed that the institution’s management had earlier started a campaign to raise internal awareness about drug misuse and other misbehavior in the institution.

“Students Affairs, the VC, the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee, and I agree that it is time to conduct a student sensitization campaign regarding this matter of ethics and discipline, which falls directly under my purview.

“So, starting on Monday, we started that sensitization, meeting students in their dorms at 6 am, canvassing and informing them of wrongdoings.

And of course, drug misuse is one of the problems, one of the primary areas of misconduct at universities.

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“So, we recognized the opportunity, and the PCRC and the NDLEA are well-positioned to visit and speak to our students about drug use. since we have our own laws and rules. And according to the law’s Ethics and Disciplinary Committee, if you are caught using drugs, you will be expelled for one session and need to provide a certificate of fitness from a mental health facility.

“That means you will be suspended for one session if you are found in possession of marijuana, colos, loud, or any other type of drug that kids today use.

“Of course, following that rustication, you show a certificate of fitness.

If you are discovered to be selling, you will be completely dismissed from the university.

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Therefore, we don’t want that kind of expulsion, and we don’t want our kids’ futures to be decided from the start.

“Nearly two years ago, we removed two kids, and we have discovered incidents similar to that.

Many societal issues will be resolved by this sensitization, he claimed.

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