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The EEDC is currently unable to address the weak power supply in the southeast

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According to the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC), the South-East is currently experiencing a power outage that is beyond their control.

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Low energy generation, the corporation said, is to blame because it has led to a general decrease in the availability of power supplies.

This announcement was made public on Monday by Mr. Emeka Ezeh, Head of Corporate Communications at EEDC.

On the other hand, Ezeh called on zone inhabitants to be patient with the business.

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He noted that the development has reduced generation, which in turn has decreased the amount of energy allocated to distribution businesses across the country in terms of daily megawatt hour (MWH), which has an effect on the service quality for their consumers.

We apologize for the trouble this has caused our valued clients and ask that they bear with us because we can do nothing to fix the problem.

He stated, “We can only distribute what is allocated to us.”

He stated that the electricity sector’s many players were working on a solution to the problem, and expressed the hope that “normal distribution will return” as a result.

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