Simon Ekpa is strongly cautioned to abandon his objectives by Gani Adams

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) faction leader Simon Ekpa has been advised not to go through with preparations to hold the sit-at-home protest in Lagos State by the Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani Adams.

Ekpa has stated that Lagos State would participate in the sit-at-home protest currently being carried out in the South East.

He claims that the stay-at-home protest is a component of efforts to demand Nnamdi Kanu’s release.

However, in response to Ekpa’s preparations, Gani Adams warned the ethnic propagandist based in Finland to cease from “repeating the mistake of the 1970s” and abandon the action.

He claimed that the stay-at-home day was unnecessary and ineffective.

Adams further cautioned that because the South-West does not belong to “the Biafra Republic,” it is absurd for “outsiders to dictate or impose their agenda on people of other regions who they cohabit with as residents.”

I can’t travel to the South East right now and declare that I want to make decisions for the locals there, he added. Therefore, Yorubaland cannot import the South-East agenda. It wouldn’t be beneficial. We tell him (Ekpa) to discard that notion.

He must not attempt that. The South West is not the Republic of Biafra. The Biazsfra Republic program will not be imposed in any way. He ought to refrain from making the same error as in the 1970s. He needs to exercise extreme caution.

The South West is not their Biafran zone, yet they have a right to their opinion. He ought to exercise extreme caution, Gani advised Ekpa in Tribune.

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