Shehu Sani advises Nigerians to stop instigating coups because their democracy can be saved

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Despite apparent demands for a coup, Senator Shehu Sani, a former lawmaker, thinks Nigeria’s democracy can be saved.

According to 460play, the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) recently claimed that the military in Nigeria is content and that there are no plans for a coup.

Speaking on Friday, Tukur Gusau, Director of Defence Information at DHQ, expressed disapproval of claims that the Nigerian military was experiencing welfare problems and called for the military to meddle in the nation’s democratic process.

Sani, however, encouraged his compatriots to cease promoting, soliciting, or encouraging a coup in the nation in a message on his social media site on Monday.

He was a social critic as well and pointed out that the democratic framework could still be used to win the battle for a more just, equitable, and affluent society.

“Our democracy can still be salvaged or improved,” he wrote. Within the framework of democracy, the fight for a more just, equitable, and affluent society is still winnable. Please refrain from calling for, requesting, or encouraging a coup in Nigeria, our countrymen.

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