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The length of Kanu’s incarceration enhances his heroism. Colonel Stan-Labo, retired

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Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, or IPOB, will only become more relevant and his “heroship” would grow, according to security expert Col. Hassa Stan-Labo (rtd).

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He made this statement on Wednesday while discussing the recent visit by the service chiefs to President Bola Tinubu during an appearance on the Morning Show program on Arise Television.

Stan-Labo encouraged the administration to engage some agitating organizations in dialogue as it would help to resolve security concerns.

One top priority in the southeast, according to him, is for us to bring out Kanu; that gentleman, pull him out. I think this will calm down a lot of clamor. Stop the imprisonment now.

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“I am aware that certain of his statements, courses of action, etc., offended the Nigerian government, and thus, certain measures had to be taken.

“But see, my perception of Nigeria is that it is a family in and of itself. As parents or fathers, when a member of the family feels offended, you sit the guy down or the child down and try to figure out what the issues are.

“Can we begin a conversation with Kanu? Can we begin a conversation with IPOB? Can we start a conversation with other groups now? I believe that talking to some of the groups will be very helpful in resolving these problems.

“We should occasionally provide carrots in addition to sticks rather than always using the stick approach to diplomacy.

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“I believe we can accomplish it, and the situation in the Southeast would be significantly calmed if we do.

“To be honest, additional time behind bars will only increase his relevance and heighten the hero worship around him. Whether we like it or not, he is a hero now. He was elevated to a hero by us. He is now revered in the Southeast thanks to us. He may run for governor in any state if he comes out right now. Nobody will even inquire as to his state of origin.

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