Senator Akpabio criticizes the infiltration of criminals into the NASS compound

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Godswill Obot Akpabio, president of the Senate, voiced worry over the migration of hoodlums into the National Assembly premises on Friday, highlighting how members are now endangered by their presence.

He claimed that as the 10th NASS prepares for legislative activity, hoodlums and others who have no business on the property loiter throughout the Senate and House wings, beseeching and endangering the safety of the National Assembly’s members and personnel.

Akpabio gave a speech as he welcomed members of the National Assembly Service Commission to the NASS premises in Abuja after they paid him a courtesy visit.

The NASC Chairman, Ahmed Kadi Amshi, spoke to the Senate President and discussed the difficulties the Commission was facing as well as other matters before the Senate President voiced his objections.

In response to the Commission Chairman’s concerns over staff allowances, Akpabio stated that he was aware of the vast resources directed toward worker comfort and added that everything was not about the welfare of staff.

The Senate President lamented the complex’s deteriorating infrastructure, dirt, and lack of protection, claiming that thieves have stolen legislators’ phones and other valuables by setting up shop in front of offices and in advantageous locations.

He also bemoaned the 10th Assembly’s messy surroundings and deteriorating infrastructure.

We are aware that the entire complex is undergoing renovations, Akpabio remarked. We must protect the environment as well. We would want to see a secure complex and a cleaner neighborhood in addition to the personnel.

The increase in visitors to the complex has caused many Senators to lose their phones.

He emphasized that the National Assembly continues to be a symbol of democracy and that the 10th Senate is prepared to pass laws that will change the course of history.

Amshi earlier commended the Senate President and the Deputy Senate President, stating that they were both seasoned public servants.

He urged lawmakers to furnish a list of their legislative assistants for record-keeping.

Let’s resolve the issue of legislative assistants by September, Amshi said.

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