Gov. Uba Sani: “I didn’t reject El-Rufai’s ministerial nomination

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Senator Uba Sani, the governor of Kaduna State, has denied rejecting Nasir El-rufai’s cabinet nomination.

According to 460play, El-Rufai’s nomination was withdrawn during screening because the security check was not complete.

El-Rufai declined the offer but proposed a successor a few days later.

The governor’s spokesman, Muhammad Lawal Shehu, confirmed that the reports were false and intended to inflame the relationship between Uba Sani and El-Rufai.

The Governor emphasized that the part of the report that was true was about his meeting with the president, and he said that the topic of a replacement nominee wasn’t even brought up once during that conversation.

Therefore, he issued a warning to bloggers, social media users, and media outlets to stop disseminating unconfirmed and incorrect material that could mislead readers and fuel political unrest in the nation.

Additionally, he exhorted journalists to recognize their position as the fourth estate of the realm and uphold their integrity by disseminating fact-checked, fair-minded reports that helped the country advance.

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