Rumors as “dressing to kill” is redefined by fashionistas

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Up until a few years ago, Nigerian ladies were renowned for their tasteful attire. In reality, saying that a woman has dressed to kill was a form of compliment and a sign that she has a great sense of style.

Unfortunately, this identical word, which was once used as a compliment, now has a different connotation. It is now used to describe the level of impoliteness in attire, particularly among women, rather than as a compliment. Today, women everywhere—not just in Nigeria—have elevated dressing to a very alarming degree.

A recent viral video on social media showed several women working in a professional setting while completely undressed, though not in Africa.

Another popular film featured men and women riding bicycles in the streets of London while completely bare. They were captured by photographers from various perspectives. The risk is that since the globe has become a small community and most Africans think that everything “western” or “foreign” is wonderful, it might not be long before the crazy spreads to their continent.

People have been expressing a range of sentiments ever since the two films appeared on social media; some have condemned them, while others have praised their guts.

Among those who objected to such behavior was Raymond Onyenezi, who called it insane and a clear invitation to abuse.

“This is insanity gone too far. Well, society has caused some people to lose any sense of morality, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. What is the big issue when some people choose to go nude if same-sex marriage, lesbianism, and homosexuality can all be legalized?

Even in the next 50 years, he promised, “the madness will not come to Africa, at least not in Nigeria.”

James Chibuzo believes that if naked women are trying to attract males, they won’t be successful since he finds them repulsive.

“If their intention was to entice any man, they would have won skimpy shorts and something that will cover their breasts even by half, so that men’s fantasies about what could be concealed behind those skimpy shorts would continue to run wild,” he stated.

“But doing everything that way is even more offensive. You won’t be drawn to the sight; you’ll be enraged by it. It is quite regrettable that society has deteriorated to this point.

The 460play’s investigation found that while both sexes participate in obscene dressing, women are the primary culprits.

Nowadays, most women, even those who are married, dress in garb that leaves very little to the imagination. Dresses that are extremely short, skin-tight, and figure-hugging are currently popular. They have abandoned all sense of caution.

The situation is the same wherever you go. Even places of religion, which should be venerated, are not exempt from this trend; they are being desecrated in the name of style. The problem has gotten so bad that some churches exclude certain types of women from sitting in the first three rows due to the disruption their extreme wardrobe choices generate.

Additionally, brides now expose their breasts for everyone to see on “breast day,” which has replaced the traditional wedding. You cannot help but agree that breasts are on display, all for free to male admirers, if you also take a glance at the plethora of bridesmaids that follow the bride to church.

Pastor Chidi Adum commented on the hideous fashions, saying: “Our women have gone crazy with their style of wearing. It has become the norm to wear indecently.

“ladies going nude is now accepted in the name of fashion, yet unwholesome bodily exposure for fashion is a subtle method to announce the level of irresponsibility that has plagued our ladies.

“Indecency has diminished the respect and status typically given to women. Finding married ladies involved in the bandwagon war is demoralizing. It seems like they are competing in a contest where the winner will receive a diamond or gold prize for best nude attire, he said.

The clergyman immediately cited Proverb 7:10, where God forbade righteous women from dressing like harlots.

Sadly, we no longer distinguish between people who reside in brothels and those who were raised in respectable houses. That is the predicament we are in in the Nigeria of today,” he bemoaned.

The president and founder of SelfWorth Organization for Women Development, Mrs. Chinyere Anokwuru, bemoaned the rapid erosion of the characteristics that give femininity pride and respect in her contribution.

Tank tops, bum shorts, tube tops, micro minis, low waist jeans and pants, jeggings, body hugs, crazy jeans, see-through blouses, and spaghetti tops were among the dresses she highlighted as being popular among women.

Jeggings are brand-new in the fashion series, she said, adding, “They are better than leggings since they are tighter. Sometimes it has a natural color that resembles flesh, giving the impression that the wearer is completely nude.

“Shorts that barely cover the bum are known as ‘bum shorts. Girls wear them to nightclubs and the beach. However, some women choose to wear them during afternoon street activities. They are typically worn with really high heels to appear chic, but in my opinion, they are rubbish.

She added that tube tops were intended to be worn inside, covered by jackets, but bemoaned the fact that girls go out in just tube tops or tube gowns without anything covering their necks and backs, exposing their breasts in a desperate attempt to show off their bare backs and top breasts.

“Girls wear tops with their stomachs exposed, called tank tops. Just after the breasts, they stop barely covering their tummies, she said.

She compared the low waist to jeans that don’t completely cover the bottom.

“It appears to be sagging and stops almost midway. You can actually see the topmost portion of her bum clearly when the person is seated on a motorbike or at a gathering, the speaker claimed.

She described the halter neck as a type of top worn by girls where the entire back is exposed and the top is secured to their bodies by two ropes that protrude from the arm openings. To secure the outfit, ropes are wrapped around the neck.

Mrs. Anokwuru concurred with people who said that women who dress amorously are merely trying to attract men’s attention and called the trend as quite worrying.

They aim to attract people of the other sex, but I believe that is the wrong approach. It is inappropriate and not the best. I believe the best way to draw a man to you is to show him what’s upstairs. Draw him in with your intelligence, your knowledge, and perhaps your accomplishments.

“Dressing half-naked to attract a man is sending the incorrect signal because you’ll wind up attracting the wrong kind of man, who will only come to take what you’re selling and run away. Because of this, she complained, “I think it’s terribly terrible and it hurts my feelings when I see people dress that way.

But just as women have gone berserk with all kinds of provocative seductive attire to draw the other sex, so too have their male counterparts.

They created their own line of bizarre clothing they dubbed sagging. Boys dress in this style by donning pants, typically denim, that end in the center of their buttocks.

Checks showed that American prisoners, who don’t belt their shorts and pants, are the source of sagging.

But over time, it became trendy for men to lower their shorts and slacks down to their buttocks, exposing their commonly known as “boxers” underwear.

Sagging, however, is not solely a male activity as some females also engage in it. The sagging mania is particularly popular among academic institutions. In actuality, it resembles a youth tournament.

Mrs. Anokwuru believes that mothers in each of these cases are guilty of neglecting their responsibilities in order to pursue other interests.

“I believe that the mothers in the house are to blame. Children will understand when their mothers instill morals in them. The type of clothing you purchase for your kids is quite important. Because of all the things they encounter at school, you need to keep an eye on them and pray for them, the speaker said.

However, there is a perception in some circles that the majority of women who expose the most intimate areas of their bodies for fashion may be psychologically unstable.

Dr. Leonard Okonkwo, a clinical psychologist at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, chimed in on the discussion to allay this worry and noted that what is happening is merely a change in fashion.

According to him, fashion is a dynamic industry that individuals desire to incorporate into their own identities.

He said that since the beginning, other cultures have been so idolized that everyone desires to imitate or practice what they observe in other cultures.

“I am aware that the majority of these trends are not local. On television, they watch it. They want to dress like their idols or heroes because they observe how they dress.

“I’ve always maintained that occasionally, something that today’s culture appears to detest will later become fashionable. When I was younger, it was uncommon to see women wearing trousers, let alone the leggings or jeggings that they do now.

“You are not actually seeing the nakedness, but rather the figures, the shape, and everything; that was how it was perceived back then, but of course, now it appears that people accept it on a universal level and that there is no big problem about it.

I won’t comment right away because I’m aware that anything you find objectionable now might be considered acceptable tomorrow. It all depends on how you look at it; if you go to a beach somewhere else, you’ll see even worse stuff, he added.

In addition to attributing the trend to cultural factors, he also concurs that the goal of the movement is to draw in members of the other sex.

“At the end of the day, you never even know whether they are wearing anything, because the whole point is to attract the interest of the other sex, namely.

This is due to the fact that, regardless of how ugly a woman is, there is always something about her that draws attention. You are more likely to be attracted to a woman who is very liberally dressed if two similar-looking women who are members of the Deeper Life Church pass you by. This could be because you think the liberally dressed woman is way up, because her clothing is catchy or attractive, or because of the “distractive nature of the person.” People wear not simply to hide their nakedness but also to catch others’ eyes, he conceded.

The psychologist additionally cautioned that rape could occur from such appealing and lurid fashion statement:

“For people who are already predisposed to such things, when you seduce them and you now play hard to get, they would want to have it by force,” he said.

He continued by saying that a rapist’s decision to act or not depended on both where they were and how you were dressed.

You seldom ever witness rape occurring in public. It is constantly in a closed space. What are you asking for, then, if you are in a little space, dressed a certain manner, and with a sick man? Because, in my opinion, anyone who is capable of raping someone else is ill.

“Again, I’m not suggesting that being modestly dressed prevents you from being raped; rather, the frequency of rape is higher among women who are indecently clothed than among those who are modestly dressed. Additionally, society decides what is considered offensive. 80 to 90 percent of the population might find what you find objectionable acceptable, he remarked.

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