Residents in Kwara State Warned of Possible Bird Flu Outbreak

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Bird flu, or Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), has been reported in Kwara State, Nigeria, and the state government issued a warning to the public on Friday.

A confirmed case of avian flu in the state of Kebbi in the country’s northwest prompted the warning.

Thursday in Ilorin, the Director of Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Abdulateef Salman Olugbon, issued a public health alert containing the warning on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, Ishiaq Yinka Oloruko-oba.

The alert emphasized the need of members of the public, particularly those involved in poultry farming and owning birds, taking strong biosecurity measures to stop the virus from spreading across the state.

Further, the alert stressed the importance of the public keeping a sharp eye out for any signs of avian flu and reporting them to the proper authorities so that they can investigate the situation quickly and take appropriate action.

The caution states that rapid death, respiratory distress, and reduced egg production are indications of avian flu.

To further reduce the likelihood of human infection, the public health advice urged everyone having close contact with birds or working in the poultry industry to wear protective gear including gloves and face masks.

Additionally, it pleaded with all citizens, interested parties, and government officials to follow the protocols put in place to stop the virus from spreading across the state.

The public was advised to report any suspected cases exhibiting the symptoms indicated earlier to Dr. Abdulateef Olugbon, Director of Veterinary Services, at 08033765024 or Dr. Idiat Aminu, at 08160989312.

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