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Refugees and their impact on farms are a source of concern for border villages along the C’River

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The persistent invasions of Cameroonian refugees and Benue State residents onto bordering villages in Obanliku and Obudu Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Cross River State’s Northern Senatorial District have been a source of much distress for many of these communities.

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They voiced their concerns at a town hall meeting that was attended by important figures, including district security chiefs, youth organizations, clan leaders, village elders, and paramount rulers.

As the state government continues to perform the Baseline Survey/Needs Assessment of border villages, Onun Ngim Okpo, Director-General of the Cross River State Border Commission (BORDERCOM), met with them.

Particularly highlighted by the stakeholders was the fact that the incursions into their farmlands had frequently the ability to spark community disputes with their neighbors.

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They advocated for the formation of coordinated border patrol teams to deal with the problem of illegal entry.

Senator Prince Bassey Otu’s people-centered leadership approach is in line with the Director-General’s assurance of rapid government response.

In order to improve the delivery of government services, he stressed the significance of peace and encouraged community participation in the evaluation.

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