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Rangers explain their decision to sign young players

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According to 460PLAY, Rangers have explained why they are spending money on young players.

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According to the Flying Antelopes, the goal of the action is to motivate upcoming players to put forth more effort.

This was revealed at the club’s Enugu secretariat by club chairman Ezeaku Amobi.

Amobi stated that young players would have more chances to join the team.

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The Rangers recently signed adolescent sensations Chomaobi Igwilo and Nwobodo Somtochukwu, as the 460PLAY previously reported.

“This is another fantastic signing for us and it goes a long way to encourage young talents that abound in the state’s nooks and crannies to keep working hard for opportunities to join Rangers and showcase their God-given talents,” Ezeaku said in Enugu, according to the club’s philosophy.

Over time, the scouting team has kept an eye on Somtochukwu and his coaches, and they have seen that he has what it takes to succeed on the biggest stage.

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