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Paul Pogba declares to the world, “I’m dead and over. I don’t exist anymore”

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Paul Pogba, a former midfield player for Manchester United, has declared himself to be dead or nonexistent.

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The football player declared that he “doesn’t exist anymore” in the wake of his doping punishment.

Pogba claimed that in the short term, a football player’s accomplishments and victories might be forgotten.

The Juventus midfielder is presently incarcerated for four years after testing positive for testosterone metabolites.

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In a recent interview, Pogba—who is presently tied to Juventus—made a devastating remark, according to The Guardian Nigeria, which was cited by Sportskeeda.

“Football is cruel, but it’s very beautiful.” You can do amazing things, but the next day you will be unknown.

“I’m done, I’m gone.” Paul Pogba don’t exist anymore.”

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