Kano government condemns attempt to buy off judge

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The Chairman of the Kano State National and State Houses of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal, Justice Flora Ngozi Azinge, raised a bribery notice that has alarmed the Kano State Government.

According to Azinge, there was an attempt to bribe a tribunal member with money in order to influence the outcome of the case in favor of the lawyer’s client.

Before the hearing began on Tuesday in Kano, she bemoaned how senior lawyers in particular participated in unethical activity in open court.

The Kano State Government’s attention has been drawn to an allegation made by Hon. Justice Flora Ngozi Azinge, the chairman of the Kano National and State Houses of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal, that there was an attempt to bribe a member of the tribunal with money in order to influence Justice because, in her words, “money has been flying in the Tribunal.”

According to Dantiye, there is a widespread rumor that certain “strong forces who are well-known for their corrupt attitude are working tirelessly to scuttle the hard-earned mandate of the people of Kano State.” As a result, the state government is quite concerned about the situation.

According to him, the state government saw the occurrence as a chance for the current administration to demonstrate to Nigerians its dedication to battling corruption and upholding democratic ideals by making sure the issue was thoroughly probed and the offenders were brought to justice.

“The anti-corruption agencies are equally expected to swing into action, especially when this type of allegation was made in open court by a respected Judge,” the speaker stated.

However, according to the commissioner, the government was pleased with Justice Azinge’s move and saw it as proof that “there is still hope in the Nigerian judiciary” and that there are many judges and justices in our nation who have a strong sense of ethics.

The state government also expressed gratitude to the good citizens of Kano for electing the NNPP with well over a million votes at a time when they lacked access to federal, state, local, and financial resources.

Therefore, Dantiye continued, “the administration notes and appreciates the readiness of the Kano people to protect their mandate using whatever means imaginable.

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