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Not RUGA, but Enugu’s Government’s Proposed Produce City Anji

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Enugu State government’s projected Produce City has been the subject of ongoing controversy in the state.

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However, a notable native of the state, Alhaji Sani Nnaji, has put an end to speculation that the project is a ruse to set up RUGA there.

According to DAILY POST, numerous communities and groups have been strongly opposed to the concept ever since Enugu State downplayed it.

A few of the most prominent ones are the Nsukka Zone Elders Forum, IPOB, Intersociety, and the International Society for Rule of Law.

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Barr Peter Mbah, the governor of the state, has been warned by the elders of the Nsukka Zone not to do anything that would make the security situation in the state even more dire.Don’t make security worse with revised Ruga Nsukka; elders should tell Gov. Mbah that, according to https://460play.com/2024/02/17/.

Nnaji, CEO of Ugwuanama Farms Ltd., addressed journalists in Enugu over the weekend and claimed that some persons had used social media to spread false information.

Those who spread such rumors were portrayed by him as blackmailers.

He asserted that the state administration utterly omitted any reference to RUGA or livestock.

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According to him, there is a lot of false information, insinuations, and blackmail floating around, especially on social media.

This is likely due to our religious background, but he assured everyone that the rumors that we are plotting to install RUGA as monarch are completely unfounded.

It has been determined that we will not engage with some individuals or groups on social media over their issues.

“Basically, what we’re doing is growing crops. What we are doing can be described as crop production, for the benefit of people who are knowledgeable.

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He advocated lending the state government financial backing so it could launch a massive agricultural initiative that would benefit everyone.

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