No worsening of security situation, according to police

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The security situation in the country is improving, according to Muyiwa Adejobi, the Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Police Force.

While presenting prizes to the champions of the 14th Biennial Nigeria Police Game (BIPOGA 2024)’s boxing and archery events, he made this statement in Ibadan.

“I don’t agree that it is getting worse; the security situation is getting better,” Adejobi told newsmen in Ibadan on Wednesday. It is getting better.

The majority of the sad tales about insecurity that are circulating on social media, he claimed, were old news.

To provide the impression that these are current events, they are being reused. The truth is that they aren’t.

No mainstream news outlet will ever publish these stories in the format we’ve used on social media.

There is no reason to worry about Nigeria’s security. In future analyses, let us always rely on hard evidence rather than conjecture, he said.

It has been verified by Adejobi that the Nigeria Police Force gathers information and statistics on the security situation from all of its offices.

The majority of the kidnapping incidents, he added, were false, and those responsible for spreading this false information have been publicly shamed.

“Some people fake and plot kidnappings to get ransom from their families,” he stated, adding, “that these incidents are not always real.”

“Let us always tell the difference between an actual kidnapping and one that is staged.”

While acknowledging that there are occasional incidents of insecurity, Adejobi noted that the police force had apprehended and neutralized numerous kidnappers.

The Nigerian police and other security services would keep working together to keep the country safe, he told the people.

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