Building collapse: Niger Governor requests that errant engineers be disciplined by COREN

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Abubakar Sani Bello, the governor of Niger State, has urged the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) to impose severe sanctions on the nation’s negligent engineers.

Bello made the appeal while the Council President and his team were in Minna, and he expressed concern over the rising number of building collapses across the nation.

He bemoaned the instances of collapse and losses reported as a result of engineers around the country violating standards.

He claimed that changing the narrative will be aided by identifying and punishing negligent engineers.

In light of the advantages of collaborating with the Council in the area of infrastructural development, I want to reassure COREN of my continued support.

The governor was earlier informed by the COREN President, Ali Rabiu, that they were in Minna for the official opening of the state technical committee of COREN, which will oversee all engineering projects in the state and make sure that engineering is carried out in accordance with international standards.

The majority of building collapses and subpar road projects, according to Rabiu, are caused by quack involvement. He added that the Council has a system in place to penalize members who violate its rules and will not hesitate to use it if a member is found to be in violation.

The State Technical Committee is to be established in all 36 states of the federation, and Niger State is currently the 18th to be inaugurated, the President further revealed.

It would be cost-effective to work with the Committee in Niger State to develop the infrastructure, he insisted.

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