Nasty Blaq criticizes individuals who label sketch creators as “ritualists

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Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu, also known by his stage name Nasty Blaq, has chastised certain Nigerians for labeling skitmakers who purchased pricey, opulent cars as fraudsters and ritualists.

He asserted that while their acts are enjoyed by the audience, they do not want people to live luxurious lives.

The comedian also charged that fans were biased, stating they applauded singers who bought luxury automobiles but berated comedians who did the same.

“Sometimes I feel some fans just want to make we dey give dem joy but make joy no reach our own life,” Nasty Blaq stated on his Instagram story.

“I don’t know how someone could do a performance for more than five years before finally buying a car, opening your mouth to say na ritual, and typing yahoo.

Seyi Vibez has never reached the point where he buys a house or car and receives praise from everyone. The same thing will be done by the skit maker in 3–4 years, una go say na yahoo and ritual.

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