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“My body bore a tattoo of Naira Marley, which prevented me from finding love,” said Mandy Kiss

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Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada, better known by her stage name Mandy Kiss, is a Nigerian comedian and brand influencer. She has stated that having a tattoo of troubled rapper Naira Marley on her thighs caused her to find it difficult to find love.

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She said that as a result, she altered the tattoo to a flower.

This was revealed by the creator of the skit in a recent interview with Lagos-based video creator Egungun.

Mandy explained, “I changed the Naira Marley face tattoo on my thighs to a flower because of my personal life because I don’t want to be in a situation where I will be regretting not removing the tattoo for a very long time in the next few years.”

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My relationship was suffering as a result. She said, “Three of my boyfriends expressed dissatisfaction that they felt awkward dating me because of the Naira Marley tattoo on my body.

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