Many marriages would end in divorce without side girls. CEO’s blessing

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Blessing Okoro, a self-described relationship expert also known as Blessing CEO, claims that many marriages depend on having side women.

This was said by the contentious relationship counselor in a Friday interview that went viral.

She believed that most men would leave marriage if there were no side women frolicking with married men when their spouses weren’t emotionally available.

Without side girls, many marriages today would end in divorce. We would have to deal with that fact since many of these married ladies find it difficult to please their husbands. Perhaps it won’t even be sexual.

“Men are naturally adventurous. A pregnant lady may experience many different things, like being busy and out of the mood. The dude is present outside. The work is done by the side girl. Men will walk away [from marriage] if there isn’t a side girl to fill that position, she claimed.

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