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Most of Nigeria gets its power from my family, says Davido

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David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, recently made the audacious assertion that a large section of Nigeria gets its power from his family.

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He boasts that his family’s four power plants meet a sizable portion of Nigeria’s energy demands.

The American podcast “Business Untitled” featured Davido as he discussed the family company and his own ventures.

“I attempted to enter the cryptocurrency market once because Nigeria is huge on crypto,” he explained. Beyond that, my family and I own four very valuable power plants. The majority of Nigeria’s electricity is supplied by us.

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“The kitchen is my wife’s domain. We are making an effort to launch her eatery. However, my music is my major business.

Although Davido comes from an affluent family with energy assets, his assertions that his family provides the majority of Nigeria’s energy requirements are likely to be met with skepticism by many observers.

Almost all of Nigeria’s large thermal and hydroelectric facilities are state-owned.

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