For all of West Africa, I am the most popular musician, says Speed Darlington

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Divided opinion The rapper Speed Darlington of Nigeria has proclaimed himself to be the best musician in West Africa.

He claims to be the subregion’s most popular musician right now.

Bae U Barbie, presenter of the podcast “Curiosity Made Me Ask,” recently included the “Akpi” singer in an episode.

In West Africa, I am unrivaled as a musician and star. I am the hottest person in the room,” he said.

Also, Speed Darlington just told his followers to quit comparing him to Portable, the controversial musician.

He made it clear that he is a celebrity and that no one should ever compare him to the ‘Zazo’ singer since he is the more accomplished musician.

In contrast to Portable, who was just detained for reportedly owing 14 million naira for his G-Wagon, the rapper claims that he goes about his business freely and has no cause for the police to pursue him.

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