Malouda highlights Chelsea’s primary issue following the sale of a key player to an EPL opponent

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Following the sale of forward Kai Havertz to Arsenal by Chelsea, former Chelsea great Florent Malouda has revealed the team’s biggest issue.

On Wednesday, Arsenal revealed that Havertz had been acquired from Chelsea.

After selling Havertz to their Premier League opponent Arsenal, Malouda believes Chelsea have a difficulty ‘developing’ young talent.

He expresses concern that Mauricio Pochettino’s team may eventually pay for Havertz’s departure from Chelsea, mentioning players like Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah as examples.

Havertz isn’t yet at the top of his game. You cannot dispute his talent because he is a key member of the German national team and has won the Champions League, but there has been dissatisfaction with his Chelsea performances, according to Malouda, who spoke to Genting Casino.

“Whenever a player goes, you always wish them well, but his departure highlights the fact that Chelsea needs to address their issues with player development.

“We have seen several outstanding players from those teams move on to excel at other clubs. Kevin De Bruyne and Mo Salah are two such players.

“De Bruyne just took home the Triple Crown. He should have been at Chelsea to win the treble, but he wouldn’t want to, if you asked him.

Then he continued, “That’s something that needs to be resolved.”

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