Bandits will be destroyed; we won’t engage in negotiations with them. – Nigerian Army

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The Nigerian Army has sworn never to deal with bandits as part of measures to combat insecurity.

Major General Godwin Mutkut, General Officer Commanding 8 Division, Nigerian Army Sokoto, declared that troops will kill robbers rather than engage in negotiations.

While speaking to journalists in Gusau, Zamfara State, Mutkut delivered the warning.

In the North, he pushed bandits and terrorists to fully surrender.

Nobody engaged in negotiation with them prior to their entry into the jungle, but now that the fire is affecting them, they do so, claims Mutkut. Well, I won’t call it negotiating; instead, they ought to openly give up. Why do they keep making the same mistakes? Negotiation is a trap; they have tried it in the past without success.

“The military won’t negotiate with the bandits; instead, it will hunt them down and kill them; if they want to survive, they should just give up,” the military said.

The bandits are currently attacking civilians, particularly those who are unarmed and living in towns or on highways.

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