In order to address catastrophe management, NEMA is requesting that all relevant parties work together

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In preparation for potential disasters, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has pushed for more cooperation amongst various government agencies to better protect citizens and their possessions.

On Thursday, the agency’s South West Zonal Office in Ibadan and the Osun State Emergency Management Agency (OSEMA) collaborated to host a stakeholders’ meeting in Osogbo to discuss disaster mitigation. During the meeting, the agency made this call.

Managing crises and disasters requires cooperation and coordination among response units and agents, according to Olanrewaju Kazeem, the Assistant Zonal Coordinator of NEMA, South West Office.

In reference to the bombing in Ibadan, Kazeem stated that the assistance and cooperation of many parties involved in the response to the incident allowed for the orderly handling of the disorderly aftermath.

He urged the many departments and agencies involved in disaster and crisis management to collaborate in order to be better prepared to respond to and handle disasters in the future.

Speaking from the sidelines, he explained that the event was called to bring attention to the necessity for proactive disaster response planning among stakeholders and the state’s population.

He assured the public that state governments and the federal government would work together through SEMA (State Emergency Management Agencies) to prepare for disaster response.

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