In light of the current economic crisis, Shehu Sani accuses Buhari of destroying Nigeria’s economy

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Senator Shehu Sani, a former legislator from Kaduna Central, has claimed that the Nigerian economy was wrecked by former president Muhammadu Buhari.
This was stated by Sani during an interview that 460PLAY watched on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Wednesday. Sani emphasized that the present economic crisis in the nation is the fault of the former president.

He thinks President Bola Tinubu should have been in charge of the economy while he was in office since he instituted some of the policies that are currently causing problems.

The former senator from Kaduna claimed that the initiatives were left unenacted by Buhari, leading to the decline of the economy.

We need to be brutally honest with ourselves: the Buhari administration started, engineered, manufactured, and maintained the mess we’re in now.

“The Nigerian economy was fundamentally destroyed by the Buhari administration,” he continued.

Sani cleared Tinubu of responsibility for the present crisis, saying that Tinubu did not mislead Nigerians by pledging to carry out the ideas he had already announced during the campaign.

He made the following statement: “Tinubu was extremely forthright during his campaign about the fact that there would be no subsidies when he took control. He did not mislead Nigerians when he said, “I will remove subsidies and whatever protest will come out of it, I will not back down.” Yet, they still voted for him.

“Now that he’s in charge, we’re having to pay the price for our previous mistakes, failures, and refusals, so this is how things really are.”

Some Nigerians in various states have reportedly marched to the streets in protest of the economic hardship caused by Tinubu’s policies, namely the unification of the currency rate and the withdrawal of the gasoline subsidy (460PLAY).

Tuesday saw a statewide action by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), which also joined the protest against hardship.

But Sani said the NLC is within its rights to protest, and that unorganized civil society is the real threat, not the NLC’s demonstration.

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