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I will continue to seek a probe, Ezekwesili

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Obiageli Ezekwesili, a former minister of education, has persisted in her desire for an impartial technology inquiry into the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, or UTME, result fiasco involving Mmesoma Ejikeme and the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, or JAMB.

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Professor Ishaq Oloyede, the JAMB Registrar, did call Ezekwesili on the phone, according to Ezekwesili, who verified it.

According to the 460play, she previously acknowledged contacting Oloyede and requesting an impartial probe.

The former minister said her demand was still in place despite JAMB’s admission on Tuesday that it had already wrapped up its inquiry into Mmesoma’s allegedly faked results.

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Ezekwesili made the following comment on her verified Twitter account on Wednesday: “I’m interested in JAMB answering some questions to clear up the confusion in the public space.”

Professor Ishaq Oloyede, the Registrar of @JAMBHQ did reach out from Namibia, but his call was disconnected, the woman stated.

“I continue to urge for an independent technology investigation.

“I’m interested in having a few questions addressed by the Exam Body to help clear up the uncertainty surrounding the JAMB-Mmesoma Saga in the public domain.

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What were the actual circumstances surrounding the action that resulted in the Result-Slip that Mmesoma claims she received?

“Can the User-Journey of Mmesoma be made available to the public?

Is this particular type of tech-enabled double-result peculiar to her or experienced by any other JAMB exam candidates?

“In circumstances like this, is a Comprehensive Systems Check not essential for JAMB, and has one been performed?

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What kind of relationship does the JAMB system/database have with the testing facility where she took the exam, and how do the results get verified?

Could this scenario not help JAMB identify any problems that might compromise the integrity of its systems and architectural design for exams?

“I am happy that the general public is interested in discovering the truth about this saga since Exam Integrity is essential to the public’s confidence in nations and their inhabitants, and highly publicized situations like this one should serve as a teaching opportunity for everyone, including the exam body.

“I want to emphasize how important it is for all of us to understand the facts of this case, including the roles played by all the parties involved, in order to achieve the fair and just remedy.

“Trust in our public institutions, including @JAMBHQ, that document the specifics of each person’s performance and effort is essential for our nation.

Therefore, it is crucial that this issue be resolved adequately for all sensible citizens.

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