If my wife is on board, I’ll take a second spouse – Harrysong

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Harrison Okori, better known by his stage as Harrysong, has stated again that he is willing to wed a second woman.

According to 460play, the musician declared his intentions to take a second spouse last Wednesday while congratulating his wife Alexer Perez Gopa on her birthday via Instagram.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, Harrysong clarified the contentious revelation by saying that his wife would need to consent in order for him to have a second wife.

He claimed to love and respect his wife and to never take any action without first getting her approval.

The singer of “Better Pikin” claimed that his desire to wed a second spouse was motivated by his love of having a big family.

I adore my wife so much, he declared. She is well taken care of by me. I also have a lot of respect for her.

“I won’t do anything that she isn’t involved in or that she wouldn’t approve of. So, if I mention taking a second wife, it’s possible. It wouldn’t, however, be disrespectful to my wife. It will be what she approves of and permits. In essence, I won’t treat her disrespectfully. So, if I mention taking a second wife, just know that our entire family will be together as one huge family.

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