“Go to your dad, not your pastor, with your first paycheck, and ask for his blessing.” – Kanayo, the actor

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Legendary Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has called on his fellow countrymen to never give priests their first paychecks, but rather to give it to their parents as a “blessings” instead.

Additionally, the actor stated that it is not scriptural for Nigerian Christians to pay their pastors out of the first paycheck of the year.

He scolded Christians for putting their faith in the name of irresponsible spending.

“Give your first paycheck to your dad for his blessings, not your pastor,” Kanayo posted on Instagram.

“And to the pastor who claimed ownership in a January video: have you ever thought about the cost of food and transportation to and from the office for that entire month?” Would you happen to know where in the Bible this is mentioned?

Christians, it is time to get up and moving. Christians would reject this.

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