Disrespectful of Ceec – Whitemoney

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Whitemoney, a housemate on Big Brother Naija All Stars, has voiced his unhappiness with CeeC, a female coworker.

According to the 460play, CeeC had previously challenged Whitemoney’s chieftaincy position and told him to be quiet.

In response, Whitemoney said that while he has never offended CeeC, she is always quick to call him out by using the ‘F’ word.

However, Whitemoney made it clear that he had a problem with Ceec, whom he said had treated him disrespectfully, during a talk with fellow resident Angel Smith on Monday.

He observed that even when CeeC is being humorous, her presentation still carries a tone of disdain.

“I don’t appreciate CeeC’s rudeness, and that’s the only issue I have with him. You won’t do it with me if you are doing it with plenty of people. Most of the time, she still speaks to me. She might be joking, but I called her and told her I wasn’t just good with it.

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