“I wish I hadn’t worn bikinis and nudity,” says Rihanna

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The naked style of the multi-billionaire artist Rihanna is something she wishes she hadn’t done.

The mother of two confessed that she still questions whether or not she “really did that” whenever she considers her bikini style from the past.

Being a mother, she added, has given her a whole new perspective on style.

“This may come across as hypocritical, but… ” In my life, I did a lot of crap. She said to Vogue, “I had my nipples out, my panties out.” her words.

But now that I’m a mother and a mature young woman, they are the kinds of things I would never do. “Oh!” is all I can say. Am I serious? I actually done that?

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed RZA on May 19, 2022, according to 460PLAY, less than a year after they announced their relationship.

Riot Ross, the couple’s second son, was born in August 2023.

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