I treated my ex-girlfriends badly, Ruger

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Ruger, a well-known Nigerian artist, has revealed the background to his song “Dear Ex” from his debut album, “Ru The World.”

He claimed that his selfish relationships with his ex-girlfriends served as the inspiration for the song.

Even though his ex-girlfriends were “very dear” to him, the 23-year-old singer claimed he was “so cruel” to them.

In a widely shared internet video, he made this claim.

anything you hear on this record, according to Ruger, is similar to anything that has ever occurred to me. On my CD, there is a song titled “Dear Ex” that talks about the three relationships I was in at the same time.

“I was such a jerk to these lovely ladies; I didn’t let them leave until I was ready for them to. I was simply moving steadily forward and returning, yet they kept waiting for me. I believed I abused the situation. I held the three of them in the highest regard.

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