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I had the impression that Sydney Talker was a Yahoo! – Nasboi

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Musician and popular content producer Nasboi has spoken out against the lucrative nature of social media influencer marketing and skitmaking.

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He claimed that, prior to his entry into the creative sector, he had assumed that well-known skit creators like Sydney Talker were involved in Internet fraud due to the lucrative nature of the field.

Reality sensation Tolanibaj and actress Moet Abebe co-host the Bahd And Boujee Podcast, where he says that many people still accuse influencers and sketch creators of fraud because they are ignorant of how profitable the creative sector is.

In his past life as a sketch creator, he was able to brag about his time as a Yahoo boy, an online con artist. Until I became involved, I had no idea the creative profession could be so profitable.

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A large number of female content creators and influencers are also targets of trolling. Their female influencers earn a ton of money from sponsorships and ads, but their social media followers think they’re just sleeping with guys for the money.

“The Yahoo! [online fraud] is a real pain. Making skits is more profitable. Even if they don’t have many fans, some sketch creators make a killing. It was a Facebook video that made someone $33,000. Even his popularity is low.

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