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I Fought Back Against Corruption Because I Was A Victim, Magu

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) former acting chairman Ibrahim Magu revealed that the reason for his expulsion was corruption retaliating.

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In Abuja on Sunday, the Northern Female Students Association conducted an award ceremony in Magu’s honor.

“I am a corruption victim fighting back, but I’m glad that recent events are telling Nigerians the truth,” he stated.

At the event, his son Mohammad-Saeed Ibrahim-Magu served as his representative.

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The former acting chairman of the EFCC thanked the organization for recognizing him as a “achievement per excellence” and expressed his gratitude for the honor.

According to Aisha Nasir, a union spokesman, Magu was chosen for the award due to his dedication to national duty.

She asserted that the battle against corruption in Nigeria was a moral obligation that required people to look past their political allegiances and preferences.

“Whether you love him or hate him, Ibrahim Magu advanced the fight against corruption to heights that many people believed were impossible.

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“Magu earned continental and international praise for addressing what had been identified as the key obstacle impeding the growth and development of African countries and economies.”

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