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“Even the rich are crying,” singer Yhemolee laments the increase in fuel prices

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Idowu Adeyemi, alias Yhemolee, a well-known actor and musician, has lamented the recent increase in petrol prices and the country’s deteriorating economic situation.

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According to DAILY POST, the price of gasoline at the pump jumped to N612 per litre on Tuesday.

In response, Yhemolee said that the current financial crisis was affecting everyone, including the wealthy, in a video message posted on his Instagram page on Friday.

He mentioned how the United States dollar and British pound have recently appreciated significantly in value relative to the Nigerian naira.

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He claimed that due to the increase in petrol prices at the pump, many Nigerians were unable to travel to their places of employment and enterprises.

This administration is cruel, Yhemolee remarked. Even the wealthy are in tears.

“Yesterday, I traveled from Oniru, VI [Victoria Island] to Lekki Camp, which is nearly Epe, in 15 minutes. On a workday, the road is clear after 15 minutes. No one ventured outside? You missed the gasoline?

“A pound now costs N1100, and a dollar costs N850. I spent N52,000 and N32,000 filling up my Range Rover and Chevrolet, respectively. That is N80,000 plus the cost of the car’s gas. And I’ll fill them both twice a week. Four times N160,000 a week for gas is N640,000 a month.

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