Customs chief storms the Katsina-Niger border crossings to impose closure and a cargo movement embargo

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The Nigerian Customs Service’s acting comptroller-general visited Katsina State on Friday to carry out the closure of all land crossings between Nigeria and the neighboring Niger Republic.

He claimed that the choice was made in accordance with President Tinubu’s instructions, who is also the current Chairman of ECOWAS, in response to the recent coup that had befallen the nation.

To guarantee complete adherence to the President’s instructions, the acting customs chief ordered that all land borders be completely closed down and that all cargo movement be halted until further notice.

The decision, according to the customs chief, is in the best interests of not only Nigeria but also of the entire west African region, particularly the bordering communities.

Adeniyi encouraged all other Katsina security services to cooperate and guarantee complete adherence to the orders by completely closing all land crossings between the two nations.

However, he advised residents of the border areas that were being affected to put up with the situation in the hopes that other diplomatic fronts as well as the continuing negotiations between ECOWAS and the Republic of Niger would lead to some sort of compliance that would be helpful to peace.

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