Ghana expels 16 Nigerians for participating in online fraud

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Dr. Chukwu Emeka, the Nigeria Immigration Service’s (NIS) Controller of Seme Command, made the news on Friday, October 14.

During a news conference in Seme, Lagos State, Emeka stated that the deportees include young Nigerians who allege they were duped or purposefully departed the country in quest of brighter pastures.

“Ghana’s Financial and Intelligence Agency accused them of cybercrime, but our preliminary inquiry revealed that some of them were attracted into these illicit acts owing to the get-rich-quick syndrome our youths are acquiring,” he stated.

“Some of them are victims because they were duped into believing they might gain money if they left Nigeria.” Unfortunately, in Ghana, they do not get what they bargained for.

“Further research revealed that the majority of them fled the nation via illegal routes or the sea to neighboring West African countries.”

Emeka urged Nigerians to always travel with valid documents and to live and conduct business in accordance with the laws of the country to which they had traveled, adding that it is shameful to see young Nigerians getting involved in unholy activities when they should be developing their talents for the future.

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